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Want Better Schools? Build Better Boards

It’s time to move past the “white finance guy in a suit” and envision a new breed of board for public charter schools and education nonprofits that champions innovation and pushes boundaries. Diverse, inclusive, engaged, and focused on equity and accountability, these boards make sharp, creative decisions that make schools better. They bring talented people together, engage communities in leadership, embrace different perspectives, and build bridges across the civil divides that separate us.

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  1. Understand why diverse and inclusive boards make better decisions for students and can improve quality, equity, and accountability in public education
  2. Discuss concrete examples of how this new breed of board handles complicated and challenging issues in education in creative and innovative ways.
  3. Get fired up to join a nonprofit board in education or strengthen your performance on the board you're already on.



Carrie Irvin, CEO & Co-Founder, Charter Board Partners

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