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The Fresh Prince of Basra: Peace & Civic Tech

Now this is a story all about how, A project in Iraq laid foundations down, For a whole new way To bridge tech and peace, An Exchange and eventually a Master’s Degree. In west Philadelphia born and raised, “Peace Engineering” is the name of the craze. How did we do it? We’re glad you asked, PeaceTech Lab and Drexel are here to take you to class.

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  1. What lessons can U.S. cities glean from innovation happening in conflict zones like Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan?
  2. How do we get governments, advocacy, and civil society organizations to understand how technology and engineering concepts could benefit their work?
  3. How do we get scientists, engineers, and technologists to think about the social and cultural components of their work?



Tim Receveur, Dir, PeaceTech Lab

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