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Algorithms, Unconscious Bias, & AI

AI is beginning to show racist and sexist associations, and it learned it by watching us. In a world where tech leadership is skewed 80% men and 83% percent white, and we are becoming increasingly more reliant on AI, how can we increase representation in our tech tools? Algorithms use data and benchmarks based on a past that we are trying to move away from. We either recognize the bias that is built into our daily culture, or we relive our past mistakes.

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  1. Who is represented? Who isn’t represented? How can we create a more equal future?
  2. What are the steps we can take now to be aware of our inherent unconscious bias?
  3. How can we create an environment where people are not judged by their backgrounds, leading to more diversity in the teams that create our tech?



Shana Pepin, Project Specialist, IEEE

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