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Playlisting Reality: Take the Red Pill

“Take the Red Pill” and explore the many realities of our curated, playlisted world. Playlists drive music streaming, while curators pre-filter and narrow your alternatives. Who is sculpting your beliefs, choices, and experiences? We’ll share how playlists are transforming music, and then expand into how curators are affecting job search, college choice, “fake” news, and daily life choices. We will propose how to thrive in this curated, playlisted era.

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  1. How can we learn from the machine- and human-curated playlisting world in music how to be chosen and understand choice?
  2. How has the job search marketplace been overwhelmed by search engine optimization and new curators to drive humans to 3 main curators and databases?
  3. How can broader alternatives and tools for great input/output be designed into my life?



Gigi Johnson, Exec. Director, UCLA Center for Music Innovation

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