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Empowering 50,000 Students by Deploying 1-1 iPads

The Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Initiative directed by Digital Promise has provided 50,000 4G LTE iPads to middle school students and teachers since 2014. In this session, team members will share the best practices implemented in schools across America and the lessons learned from this work. Schools who are exploring 1-1 mobile devices will learn about the essential elements of starting and sustaining a 1-1 initiative.

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  1. Attendees will learn the stages of deployment and best practices for processes in each of the stages, including managing and filtering devices.
  2. Attendees will learn how to rollout devices to students, including how to prepare staff through PD and students through digital citizenship.
  3. Attendees will learn how to empower and support students and teachers during a 1-1 implementation and how to sustain the project in future years.



Stacey Allen, Technical Project Dir, Digital Promise

Meta Information:

  • Tags: 1-1, lte, deployment
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Case Study
  • Track: Implementation
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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