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Discerning and Making: On the Job Learning

Erica Muhl, Dean of USC’s Jimmy Iovine & Andre Young Academy & Adobe’s Mark Rupert discuss how real-world experience working on creative projects for established companies can impact a student’s long-term success & better equip them to compete in the job market. In IYA’s year-long ‘Discerning and Making’ practicum, juniors join forces with industry partners to tackle complex problems and develop innovative solutions, helping them gain real-world skills.

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  1. Discover the impact that working on real-world problems for leading institutions can have on students.
  2. Explore how project-based learning is integral to students gaining the skills and experiences to further their professional development.
  3. Learn how students are valuable resources for companies that wish to remain at the forefront of positive influence and change.



Jon Temerlies, VP, Edelman

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