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PM-Led Accessibility: Leading Teams to Inclusion

Industry leaders from Google and Facebook to Microsoft and Apple now realize that baked-in accessibility is an innovation driver—enabling elegant solutions to unanticipated problems. Join me to learn how Project and Product Managers can lead their design and development teams to deliver beautiful, accessible products. I'll use my extensive real-world experiences to help you shepherd even the most reluctant team members into integrating accessibility into their skill-sets and practices.

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  1. What does a role-based approach to accessible design and development look like?
  2. How can Product and Project Managers be accessibility champions and guide team members who aren't even remotely experienced in accessibility?
  3. What approaches can be introduced into my organization's project structures or methodologies to establish, maintain, and grow accessible practices?



Robert Jolly, Sr Web Accessibility Strategy Consultant, Knowbility, Inc.

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