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Scoring Tomb Raider: The Music Behind the Game

Tomb Raider is being rebooted for a modern audience and as such, requires a modern soundtrack.
This talk will focus on the Tomb Raider score. Every aspect will be covered from the music’s creative vision, composition, implementation and the technology behind it.
The goal for Tomb Raider is to truly score the game from beginning to end. This means that the the music must fully support the emotional context of every moment in the game while reflecting the character arc of Lara Croft. To achieve this goal, new techniques in music production, planning and implementation needed to be employed.
This talk will detail how this ambition became a reality and what were the techniques used to achieve it.


  1. What is the importance of the music to the Tomb Raider franchise as a whole and how does it impact the media surrounding it?
  2. How does the creative direction for the game influenced the selection of the composer, instrumentation, and the creation of character themes?
  3. What challenges are created by truly scoring a game from beginning to end to fully support the narrative's emotional ark? Such ambitions create unprecedented challenges for the audio team.
  4. What about the technology behind it all? How do you score a game from beginning to end with an incredibly high level of detail and no discernible music system?
  5. How has the plan diverged from its initial inception? How did the process change over time and for what reasons?



Alex Wilmer, Sound Designer / Audio Engineer, Crystal Dynamics

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