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Rigorous Whimsy: Understanding Through Creativity

Transform flights of creative fancy via hashtags and doodles, mashups and portmanteaux, Oreo cookies and LEGO bricks into pathways for students to demonstrate content knowledge, critical thinking, and the problem solving that will serve them best no matter what their futures may bring. Structured to maximize takeaways and first hand experience, learn how explanation, rationale, and intentionality elevate our classrooms into places where students shift from passive riders to active adventurers.

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  1. Participants will identify benefits of creative expression as a means of deeper understanding
  2. Participants will discover creative exercises and assessment strategies applicable across the content areas, grade spans and impact areas
  3. Participants will design a plan for integrating creative expression into their impact areas



Dan Ryder, Education Dir, Success & Innovation Center at Mt Blue , Mt Blue High School/Maine RSU 9

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