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Equitable Classrooms = Student Success

Systemic work with educators has taught us that the science of unconscious bias and micromessaging can improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) performance for individuals, teachers, schools and districts.
Whether you are the “champion” teacher, the reluctant change agent, or the administrator charged with scaling performance to faculty, the district and beyond, in this interactive workshop you’ll engage with research, experiment with new tools and share with colleagues.

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  1. Examine how unconscious bias and micromessaging work in practice, even when demographic socio-economic and political environments differ.
  2. Evaluate the awareness, knowledge and behaviors teachers use to increase math course requests, diverse participation, and student self-efficacy.
  3. Discover whether and how the tiniest signals can impact performance at scale in your organization.



Tegwin Pulley, Texas Dir, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

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