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How Home Internet Affects Educational Outcomes

The importance of connectivity and technology in education is widely understood, but HOW important are they? Comcast and Fortune Schools will discuss preliminary findings from their randomized control trial research on home internet's impact on student educational outcomes. Moving from research to implementation, the School District of Philadelphia will then discuss its efforts on digital inclusion, followed by a work-in-progress playbook for schools and an open call for input and collaboration.

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  1. Why you should care: learn preliminary findings on the effects of home internet adoption on common academic outcomes, like GPA, test scores, and HW.
  2. Who's doing it well: learn how one school district has effectively promoted technology and internet adoption among its students.
  3. What you can do: learn how to measure and promote digital inclusion by reviewing a draft playbook and providing your feedback and best practices.



David Urbanowicz, Dir Program Strategy & Field Operations, Comcast Corporation

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