Identify. Evaluate. Critique. Edtech for Educators


Too often educators are left out of the feedback loop as founders blindly create products for theoretical customers. The goal of this session will be to 1. introduce educators to edtech (trends, purpose) 2. explore the product feedback process/how educators engage with it 3. set educators up with a framework for finding, identifying, evaluating and implementing these technologies. Ultimately, encouraging educators to seek out products and include themselves & their students in their development.

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  1. Learn about the edtech space: trends, pitfalls, successes etc. The learning will inspire curiosity of the edtech space and the products in it.
  2. Each educator will engage with a edtech founder to learn about the feedback process and how they can impact the final product/product delivery.
  3. Educators will build their own roadmap specific to their institution. It will identify the gaps & opportunities for engaging with technology.



Ben Bungert, Program Mgr, Learn Launch

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