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The New World Order: A Race to Technology

It's not a race to arms for dominance. It’s a race to tech. Tech advancements propel our modern economies. China’s booming market for example has seen rapid growth thanks to its prowess in tech and ecommerce. At the same time, tech is leaving many in aging industries behind. Is it creating global citizens or drawing global divides? Using data we’ll explore technology’s impact on labor globally, and differences by region, socioeconomics, and politics. It’s a race to the finish line… who will win?



  1. How are technological advancements impacting labor around the world? Is it creating global divides?
  2. How does its impact differ by region, socioeconomic status, and political views?
  3. How do those nations that embrace technology vs. those who fear it, see the world differently?



Jinie Kwak, Global Dir of Comm, Y&R

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