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Ten Success Stories of Digital Learning Innovation

From holographs and educational games to artificial intelligence and robots, 21st century educators are forging new and amazing trails in technology-enhanced teaching and learning. This narrated rapid-fire video presentation will uncover ten+ creative institutions that are re-imagining education.

Be "Virtually Inspired" by global examples, researched by Drexel University Online. Get access to a valuable open resource, and learn how to use it to showcase your own innovative best practices.

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  1. The learner will be able to describe K-20 institutional examples of innovations in digital learning from across the globe.
  2. The learner will explore and evaluate case studies and various open educational resources presented to gather valuable information & utilize content.
  3. The learner will assimilate the data presented, synthesize and apply knowledge to take advantage of resources developed by others or design their own.



Marci Powell, Chair Emerita & Past Pres, US Distance Learning Association

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