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Students Can Build the VR/AR Worlds of the Future

As virtual and augmented reality applications make headlines, teachers may be wondering how they can meaningfully bring these tools to their classrooms. Not only do these technologies allow students to understand the world around them in new ways, they are also allowing kids to create their own worlds. Come learn from a panel of cutting-edge educators who are utilizing Unity tools to teach students 21st century skills, empowering the next generation of coders, artists and designers.

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  1. Understand how to enable high school students as creators of virtual experiences and content to drive learning outcomes and student engagement.
  2. Learn best practices from educators who shift their practice when using a professional content creation tool in the classroom.
  3. Hear lessons learned and opportunities created when students aren't just consumers, but creators of content.



Amy Scarlino, Speaker Program Lead, AlightPR

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