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Being Bossy: Female Leaders in Ed Entrepreneurship

It’s well known female leaders face unique challenges getting to and staying at the top, particularly in entrepreneurial fields. Join this diverse team of kick-ass lady bosses for a raucous and interactive conversation about realities of being “Chief” at work and home, sharing personal and professional strategies as well as support and sanity hacks. We’ll also tackle how companies can proactively grow and sustain more female leaders. Collective wisdom will be pooled, no topic will be taboo.

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  1. Participants will learn about the realities and (unexpected) challenges and benefits of female leadership.
  2. Participants will explore personal, professional, and organizational strategies for increasing gender diversity in leadership.
  3. Participants will reflect on their own leadership pathway and levers for change, and connect with others in the work.



Beth Rabbitt, CEO, The Learning Accelerator

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