SXSW 2018

From Publishing City Data to Solving Problems


Sharing stories from the front lines of data impact, we will shine a light on progress and pitfalls in New York City’s quest to make city data accessible and useful to all New Yorkers. Five years after NYC’s pioneering Open Data Law was passed, open data is still often perceived as a tool for a niche community of “civic techies.” Yet new user research and tales from the trenches show how open data has the potential to help a much wider swath of city residents create impact in their communities.

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  1. Civic participation is key to healthy democracy. Our democracy isn’t in its best health. How can data change the way we engage with government?
  2. How can city governments and community groups work more productively together to solve civic problems leveraging data?
  3. Data is a tool, not the solution. How to facilitate problem-solving at the community level and raise open data as a key tool to solve those problems?



Laura Freschi, Director of Partnerships, Reboot

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  • Event: SXSW
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