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Your Nation Has an Anthem - Why Don't You?

This session will explore the power of the anthem.

The word is most commonly synonymised with nations.

But anthems go further than that; Sports teams have them, pop artists write them, ad agencies all over the world want one.

But can a brand have an anthem and if you’re a marketeer, how do you “get” one?

We sit down with brands, technology entrepreneurs and composers to to discuss the cultural phenomenon of the anthem and the unexploited opportunity for brands across the world.


  1. What makes an anthem different to a piece of music?
  2. Some would say that anthems unite. Others would argue they divide. Which argument do you gravitate towards and why?
  3. If an anthem has the power to transcend race, religion, gender and class, could planet earth ever have anthem to unite mankind?



Max De Lucia, head of brands, Adelphoi Fund

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