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Relevancy of Classrooms to 21st Century Learning

Learning is constantly evolving. It has the power to change minds and lives. It has no restrictions except for those we assign it—time, expectation and space. As learning ingratiates into technology, becomes more accessible and takes on a kinetic persona, classrooms are dissolving. Session leaders facilitate a discussion about the viability of classrooms; the intersection of next-generation educational leaders and professional development; and the rise of non-restrictive learning environments.

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  1. Define the next-gen learning environment and its impact on educators and students.
  2. Questions and considerations for responding to rapid change in educator and student needs.
  3. How to capitalize on and maximize the benefits of next-gen learning environments for educators and students.


  • Kerri Ranney, Vice President of Educational Practice, Huckabee
  • Konrad Judd, Chief Design Officer, Huckabee


Jennifer Wilson, Dir of Marketing Communications, Huckabee

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