Employability and the High School Experience

I can’t legally vote, buy a house, or rent a car. But I can work with the FBI to develop a statewide crisis response plan for a solar eclipse, discuss the emerging trend of VR, and run a design thinking workshop. I can fix a paper jam, pick any lock, deliver a pitch, and lead like a boss. I’m 16 and I am employable. How’s that? I’m hacking adulthood. As a teen, I took ownership of my learning for a radically different high school experience that helped me find my voice and know how to use it.

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  1. Learn what teens are capable of when empowered to find and use their voice.
  2. Learn about the importance of prototyping your future.
  3. Learn how to work in both the practice and performance zone to maximize growth mindset.


  • Tessa Simmonds, One Stone student and member, 2017-2018 board of directors, One Stone


Michael Reagan, Creative Catalyst, One Stone

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