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Improving Climate with SEL & Restorative Practices

How do you create a school where kids feel welcome, understood, and ready to learn? You’ll hear from a principal at an urban K-8 school and her district’s director of school climate who’ve partnered with experts in SEL and RP on innovative integration of social-emotional learning (SEL) and restorative practices (RP). Often misperceived as separate, stand-alone efforts, SEL and RP are powerful in combination. Learn about practical integration strategies for school-wide training and support.

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  1. Understand how restorative practices and SEL are complementary and what a school-wide integrated implementation looks like in a K-8 school.
  2. Use specific, practical, intentionally integrated strategies for SEL and RP staff training, implementation support and sustainability
  3. Explore the classroom and school-wide benefits of pairing SEL and RP.



Juliet Kandel, Implementation & Partnerships Mgr, Committee for Children

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