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Why outsourcing your education is a bad option?

Is higher education the best investment for careers? If so, students logically waste lots of time finding the perfect university. Then, they sit back and let the institution tell them what and how to learn. In other words, they get passive and less curious as leaners and become experts at outsourcing their education. Shouldn’t they be more responsible for their own learning experience? How can learning communities, real work experience and online educational platforms change this game?

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  1. Understand why outsourcing higher education became more important than creating your own learning experience.
  2. Offer an alternative option for people create their self-directed learning process using the abundance of knowledge and technology available today.
  3. The most important asset for disrupting education is not schools or teachers. It’s the students being responsible for their own learning process.


  • Felipe Amaral, Co-founder and partner, Semente


Felipe Amaral, Partner & Co Founder, Semente

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