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Design-Along: From schematics to physical PCBs

In this workshop, we’ll go through the process of taking an electronic design and turning it into a PCB that can be ordered. We’ve got a nifty audio amplifier concept, but no PCB yet to connect the parts. We’ll give you the components! You'll design and order your PCB during the workshop, and have it show up to your doorstep after the event. Learn how to enter schematics, layout holes and traces, and work with the PCB house to verify the design.

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  1. Use schematic capture software to digitize a schematic diagram.
  2. Use layout software to draw the traces of a PCB.
  3. Order physical circuit boards from the internet.



Marshall Taylor, Electrical Engineer, SparkFun Electronics

Meta Information:

  • Tags: electronics, design, pcb
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Instruction
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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