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Go Global: Designing a Diverse, Inclusive Product

To scale internationally, brands must build unique user experiences to meet varying global preferences. For designers, this presents significant hurdles - from aligning colors with cultural nuances, to customizing checkout. Through the lens of its recent global expansion, StubHub will speak to how data and cultural research fueled decision-making in customizing each country’s UX. Attendees will learn best practices for building inclusive brands and fostering diversity in their own companies.

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  1. How can designers ensure layouts feel authentic to different regions while still embodying a company’s branding and messaging?
  2. Which nuances - from aesthetics, to textual layout and breadth of information - should brands keep in mind when designing global experiences?
  3. How can brands utilize data and cultural research to inform decision-making while creating global experiences?



Maria Pianelli, Public Relations, LaunchSquad

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