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Online Content: Will Consumers Do the Right Thing?

Flattr has been creating the world’s first micropayment system that works for virtually all content online. We no longer read one newspaper or listen to just one album, we read all and listen to all. Flattr is currently perfecting a model that allows elite users to remain private, but pay for content to publications they choose. How many users will jump at the chance to do the right thing and pay for content? Based on feedback and usage already, Flattr believes it will be a growing number.

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  1. How can the web remain sustainable in a world filled with bad ads and ad blockers?
  2. How can users and content producers create an even playing field for both big and small content producers.
  3. What is the best way that consumers can gain confidence with paying for content when free is the most valued price when it comes to content?



Rich Mullikin, PR Acct Mgr, Adblock Plus

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