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Make a Food Computer: Open-Sourced Tech in Classes

Build a miniature Food Computer and learn how to easily incorporate open-sourced technology into classroom project-based learning. In this session, everyone will make a Computer-controlled, hydroponic, personal garden with a Raspberry Pi (a $35, palm-sized Computer) and materials from a home-improvement store to learn how we can easily create a hands-on curriculum that engages students with technology and real-world challenges.

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  1. Build a miniature Food Computer in less than 30 minutes to learn how to easily incorporate open-sourced technology projects in classroom curriculum
  2. Discover resources for more open-sourced technology that you can use for your own project-based learning objectives
  3. Learn how to engage students with technology and innovation by relating open-sourced technology projects to challenges within their communities



Melanie Shimano, Founder, Food Computer Program

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