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SXSW 2018

Building a More Accessible Web

Learn to build your websites with Accessibility in mind -- whether you've been a web developer for a year or 20 years, all are welcome. We'll start with some empathy building exercises, provide tools for Accessibility testing, and walk through several exercises to demonstrate Accessible patterns for common problems.

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  1. What digital hurdles do those with disabilities face that I can eliminate with my code?
  2. How do I test for and evaluate Accessibility on my websites?
  3. How do I get started building with Accessibility in mind?


  • Megan Zlock, Front-End Developer, Viget
  • Jeremy Fields, Front-End Development Director, Viget


Megan Zlock, Front-End Developer, Viget

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Code & Programming
  • Level: Beginner
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