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Practitioner Perspective: Finding Edtech Efficacy

With so much money being spent on education technology, foundations and research organizations are continually investigating what works. However, practitioners in schools are constantly redesigning new instructional strategies and cannot wait for the long-term studies and results. In this interactive discussion, the audience will engage with district/CMO edtech leaders to grapple with the complex, yet seductive goal of determining efficacy all while still keeping practicality in mind.

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  1. Participants will learn about successes and challenges from a group of schools investigating data and efficacy from edtech programs.
  2. Participants will compare the uses and benefits of various types of efficacy trial designs, including rapid cycle evaluations and long-term studies.
  3. Participants will leave with a framework and tools for analyzing blended learning data and investigating efficacy with edtech tools.



Stephen Pham, Assoc Partner, The Learning Accelerator

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