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Beyond the eGlossary: Digital Supports for ELLs

ELLs represent 10% of learners nationwide—a figure estimated to grow to as much as 25% by 2040. How might digital games be outfitted to promote their second language acquisition, especially amidst the complex academic vocabulary of civics? Leadership from iCivics, academia, and Miami-Dade Public Schools will foster a lively conversation that treads beyond illustrated glossaries and voice over in order to scaffold content learning and foster deeper ELL engagement in the social studies classroom.

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  1. Identify the unique needs of English Language Learners (ELLs) when tackling the type of complex academic vocabulary native to civic education.
  2. Discuss best practices for using digital games to support ELL's language acquisition and production, content knowledge, and classroom engagement.
  3. Explore new game-based strategies and integrated features for scaffolding ELL’s learning and enhancing their classroom engagement.



Emma Humphries, Chief Education Officer, iCivics

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