Partnering With Museums For Hands-On Learning

“Partnering with museums for hands-on learning year-round” is a how-to session providing facts & stories about museum-school integrations nationwide. By sharing inspiring case studies, this session will provide educators concrete examples & tools on how connecting museums & schools can provide affordable, accessible & transformative learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities that go far beyond the typical end of the year field trip.

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  1. Participants will walk away with knowledge of why museum-school partnerships are important & case study integration models from around the US.
  2. Participants will learn how to initiate museum-school partnerships in their communities & schools.
  3. Participants will engage with ideas for hands-on learning with museums year-round & think beyond the end of the year school trip.



Sage Morgan-Hubbard, Ford W Bell Fellow in Museums & P-12 Education, American Alliance of Museums

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