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$100,000 Pyramid: Maker Research Edition

Interested in the latest research in maker education, but don't want to sit through a boring panel? Come and have fun with the $100,000 Pyramid Game: Maker Research Edition. We will team up to guess research trends and key findings in maker education. Pyramid categories will include approaches to making, issues of equity and sustainability in maker education, and tools and materials of makers. You won't win $100,000, but you will walk away with research-supported recommendations for maker ed!

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  1. Learn about the latest research on making and maker educators.
  2. Consider key recommendations for designing for equity and sustainability, and building leadership capacity within maker education.
  3. Have fun networking and sharing your experience as an educator interested in making!


  • Jessica Parker, Director of Community & Learning, Maker Ed
  • Josh Weisgrau , Program Director, Maker Learning, Digital Promise


Jessica Parker, Dir of Community & Learning, Maker Ed

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