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SXSW Interactive 2013

If It Ain't Broke, Can Television Be Fixed?

You can't go a week without reading an article about how TV is "dying" and the archaic business models and dinosaur monopolies pulling the strings will be torn asunder by startups. It sure sounds great, after all it happened to newspapers and music, it's happened to payments, it's happening to real estate and other age-old industries - why not TV?
Because TV isn't music, or newspapers, or anything else. It's TV.
Did you know most cable companies have open APIs to work with their products? Or that there's not a shred of evidence that shows "cord cutting" is actually a big movement? Or that the average American household watches 4-10 HOURS of TV per day?
This discussion between Sherry Brennan, SVP at FOX and industry legend, together with Jeremy Toeman, CEO at Dijit and formerly at Sling Media, Boxee, Clicker, and other TV tech startups to dissect Fact and Fiction in the disruption of the $500MM/yr industry known as "television".

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  1. Is TV just an App? As TVs get "smart" and Apple, Google, and others pay closer and closer attention to the big screen, will TV as we know it become just an "app" amongst a larger ecosystem?
  2. Is the future already here? The average home has 500 channels, hundreds-to-thousands of titles in Video on Demand catalogs, streaming access to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, etc etc etc. Perhaps the future has already arrived and we're still sorting it out?
  3. What *is* Social TV? Is "checking in" a fad or reality? Do people *want* conjoined/second screen experiences while watching a TV? Sounds great for Idol or football, but terrible for Game of Thrones and CSI. Where's the fine line between engagement and annoyance? What do most watchers really want out of social TV experiences?
  4. What can we really expect in 5 years? In the past 5 years we've seen the introductions of Internet streaming devices and services, the Apple TV and iPad, GoogleTV, Slingbox, Smart TVs, and more. What should we expect in the near future?
  5. Is a La Carte the future? Active voices online have practically begged companies like HBO to sell direct, yet the company has billions of dollars of revenue floating in profitably with their existing model. The new season of Arrested Development will be released exclusively on demand, in a non-linear fashion on Netflix. Will the HBOs of the world be forced into an a la carte model, or is Arrested Development the exception? Or is it somewhere in between?



Jeremy Toeman, CEO, Dijit Media

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