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Making the Case for Play in STEAM Education

Join our three panelists in a discussion on how to build maker education programs in your school that scales students learning from tinkering through coding and programming to project design and true engineering. One of the challenges facing educators today is building a learning progression using maker tools that encourage students to continue learning as they master different skills. Our panelists will share their experiences from the perspectives of tinkering, crafting, and coding and pro

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  1. Get a snapshot of the full scope of tools, materials and concepts used in MakerEd & the opportunities available to teach creative problem solving
  2. Develop an understanding of how to best implement different technologies and strategies for different skill levels in your makerspace or maker program
  3. Learn from experienced maker educators on challenges they've faced in successfully launching their maker programs and how they found solutions.



Maya Kleinbort, Ops & Project Mgr, SparkFun

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