HBCU Leadership on Race, Education, and Democracy

An exploration of the founding of The Atwood Institute for Race, Education, and the Democratic Ideal at Kentucky State University. As a part of an HBCU, AI advances scholarship relevant to the nation's 100+ HBCUs by focusing on the delicate condition of black America and other marginalized populations. Functioning as part talent incubator, part research hub, part town square and part conscience for the HBCU community, AI is a point of entry for discussions about the very best of HBCU culture.

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  1. To impart a working and/or keen understanding of the 100+ institutions nationwide which HBCU designation.
  2. To empower attendees to identify and support existing efforts of HBCU advocacy.
  3. To challenge attendees to create or support the creation of forward-thinking initiatives elsewhere.



Crystal deGregory , Exec Editor , HBCUstory Inc

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