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Building A High School With Meaning For The Youth

What happens when students are protagonists? How would it be to develop a 21st century school in which youth feel connected to their education? The Ayrton Senna Institute partnered with Rio de Janeiro to develop an Integral High School model of education. The results were so good that now the initiative is being implemented in 15 schools of Santa Catarina. We will discuss how to scale a successful educational model making sure the quality stays the same and there is respect for local context.

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  1. Acknowledge the concept of an Integral High School model which favors the development of cognitive and social and emotional abilities;
  2. Identify strategies for scaling educational models which favors authorship and collaboration, without losing the quality of the learning outcomes.
  3. Discuss and recognize the importance of a High School model which connects to youth and empowers them.



Rita Carmona, Project Mgr, Ayrton Senna Institute

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