Secret Sauce of a District's Success: Data Chats!

In 2017, Miami-Dade accomplished an historic achievement. For the first time ever, there is not a single district-managed “F” school. How did they achieve this feat? A districtwide effort to conduct regular data chats to encourage growth and deeper learning. Regular data chats helped educators use real-time assessment data to identify challenges and empower students to own their growth. Join district experts as they share their experience and model effective data chat strategies.

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  1. Educators will understand the information necessary to have effective data chat conversations with their students
  2. Leaders will learn about the kinds of meaningful data required to help administrators and school leaders implement a cycle of improvement
  3. All participants will learn strategies for helping students review, understand, and explain their data and set goals for continued growth.



Marie Izquierdo, Chief Academic Officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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