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Science, Society, and Ethics in a Post-Truth World

Science communication is important, but can be convoluted to non-scientists. In the wake of fake news and information wars, more suspicion (vaccines) around science and denial (climate change) has emerged, resulting in fear and mistrust. Together, we can create a brighter future where science is used equitably and ethically; where communities see themselves and their values reflected in the scientific community, and there is no political capital in diminishing the value in scientific inquiry.

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  1. Why the need for science literacy in the general public is important, what bridges exist, and what could be done better.
  2. What is lost when we limit how we think about who does science and what does it mean to do science? How do we decolonize science?
  3. How can communities previously subject to abuse in the name of science see themselves and their values reflected in the scientific community?



Karen Ingram, Creative Director, Empiricist League, Karen Ingram & Assoc.

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