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Makers in the Wild: Get to know a Maker Educator

As maker education becomes increasingly adopted in schools across the country, teachers face a number of challenges from finding funding, learning the new technology themselves, and finding project and classroom activity ideas that will engage their students. Join us and our makers in the wild to mingle with maker educators at all levels and get to know some of the most popular tools, opportunities for learning, and ways to get started implemented maker lessons in your classroom.

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  1. Get a snapshot of the full scope of the tools and materials used in maker education and the opportunities available to teach creative problem solving.
  2. Get inspired by the number of ways maker technology can improve student's learning and expand their imagination.
  3. Learn from experienced maker educators on challenges they've faced in successfully launching their maker programs and how they found solutions.


  • Derek Runberg, Strategic Partnerships, SparkFun
  • Brian Huang, Founding Director of Hack School & Educational Engineer, Hada Nou Collective


Megan Arnold, Mgr, Public Rel, SparkFun Electronics

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