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SXSW Music 2013

From 140 to 0: The Rise in Image-Based Marketing

Image-based platforms have EXPLODED in the past 18 months, as tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram change how we view and share items, and dominant services like Twitter and Facebook continue to adjust to meet this shift in consumption patterns.

We speak with a handful of experts in this space, examine best practices and successful campaigns, and peek into the future at emerging trends, such as the upcoming explosion in Social Visual Bookmarking platforms, panoramic photography, and augmented reality.

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  1. Let's talk about successful campaigns that have utilized pictures to sell the concept. What worked? What didn't? How were you able to magnify the original piece and encourage views / likes / shares? What platform / path was the best means of doing so?
  2. Do artists plot out ways to get more shares of the pictures & stuff they post out to the Twittersphere? Would 50 Cent get more shares if he posted a picture of a kitten in front of his album cover? How much is magic and how much is science?
  3. Music has a massive lead over other categories (film / tv, sports, etc.) across all social media in terms of followers -- a band can have 20 million followers on Facebook or Twitter, while a popular actor may have ~50,000 followers. Why is that, and do you expect other categories to catch up?
  4. Let's talk about the laws of large numbers for a moment. Do 20 million followers really mean anything? How do you seek out and activate your true fans? How do you work around the limitations of each platform to get more activity?
  5. Let's look into the future for a sec. I personally see a ton of Social Visual Bookmarking platforms emerging from the shadow of Pinterest. Can you tell which of trends are stronger than others? Will movements like augmented reality, QR codes, 3D, or panoramic imaging take hold?



Scott Perry, Founder, Sperry Media

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