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Leadership Competencies for Engaged Learners

Gone is the default image of a teacher— lecturing to students seated in rows and assigning the same work to everyone. But PD opportunities rarely foster the mindsets and skills that teachers and education leaders need to actualize a learner-centered vision for education. In this session, we'll discuss and apply professional competencies required of next gen educators and explore new tools to design the high-quality professional learning that teachers need to build a learner-centered environment.

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  1. Participants have a new and/or deepened sense of possibility and vision for what professional learning for next gen learning could & should look like.
  2. Participants explore the competencies that educators and leaders need to create a learner-centered education environment.
  3. Participants understand and practice how these competencies translate into micro-credentials.



Sarah Hatton, Sr Program Mgr, Jobs for the Future

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