Authentic Assessment with Purpose


Panelists will explore how authentic, real-world, cognitively complex, and performance-based assessments can impact learning, employability, and equality. The panelists will share examples of how they are using authentic assessment for particular impact. With validity and reliability in mind, the session will also discuss how advanced technologies, such as machine learning and data analytics, can help deliver authentic, open-ended assessments at scale.

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  1. What is authentic assessment and how can it be leveraged to impact learning, the skills gap, employability, and equality in higher ed and workplace
  2. The future of education and training is online, but while content and courses are widely available, we need higher levels of assessment for efficacy
  3. How can technology be leveraged to reduce the time and cost of real-world, open-ended assessments while still providing meaningful, valid feedback



Paul Crockett, CEO, Authess

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