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How We Broke the Billion $$$ Ad Industry

After consumer cries over abusive advertising practices, the multi-$$$billion ad industry is finally bowing to demands for privacy controls, less tracking, and better ad quality. Consumers discovered they have the power to block ads and demand change. Meet the leader of the consumer revolt that forced Google and others to change forever, and hear counter-arguments from website owners who need ad revenues to pay for the content on the web that we all want for free.

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  1. Maybe advertising isn't the best way to fund content on the web, anyway. What alternatives are being explored / gaining traction?
  2. How are brands and publishers going to respond to readers who use ad blockers?
  3. Why can't advertisers just make reasonable ads that aren't so obnoxious and creepy? Then readers won't feel so compelled to block them?



Mark Addison, Co-Founder, Adblock Plus/Eyeo GmbH

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