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SXSW 2018

Welcome to the Age of Age: Old People Are Cool

Young people think old people are cool. According to Pew Research—and to the surprise of many at SXSW—our workplace is 1/3 Millennial, 1/3 Generation X and 1/3 Baby Boomer. People over 60 use tech. They have to; they work! I will share engaging content, based on proprietary research on aging, about the challenges and joys of living and working in such a diverse world. Come and learn about the best ways for brands to embrace the learning and connect to each age cohort.

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  1. What are the characteristics of today's workforce and how does each cohort feel about working?
  2. What are best practices for marketing to younger and older cohorts today?
  3. What are the consequences of our intergenerational work force for our world?



Belle Frank, Chief Strategy Officer, Y&R

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Health & Wellness
  • Level: Beginner
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