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Higher education - just another line on your CV?

Demand for digital skills in the UK technology sector is higher than ever, how is industry reducing the skills gap between higher education and employment? With universities struggling to keep up-to-date with technologies, is higher education becoming redundant?

Join me in a discussion; about my journey into industry before higher education, how this enabled me to work with disadvantaged youth charities and witness the passionate people that we could be missing simply due to one line on a CV.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn exactly how much influence higher education has on the development of a young person in the technology industry.
  2. Explore the limitations that requiring a higher education puts on people in terms of job opportunities and pursuing a career.
  3. Is it time to re-think how consistently changing content is taught – on a more ad-hoc basis rather than having to refresh content every year?



Peter McAree, Software Engineer, Kainos Group PLC

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