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Thriving Makerspaces in Low Income & Rural Schools

Our panel, including a librarian, teacher, director of a makerspace, and a district director of learning, will discuss and share their observations and experiences in creating successful and sustainable makerspaces in low income and rural schools. Educators in low income and rural communities face challenges in implementing hands-on learning, including financial, cultural, and systemic barriers, which need to be addressed in order to authentically provide maker education for all students.

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  1. Consider key elements that need to be explicitly addressed when bringing “making” into low income and rural schools.
  2. Explore methods of moving from a surface level implementation of maker education to a system-wide cultural shift.
  3. Understand actions that can be taken by individuals in various positions within the educational system to support systemic change.



Robert Pronovost, Founder, EmpowerMINT

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