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Digital Equity: Mobile Learning Bus Drives Change

This engaging panel explores and debates one urban districts’ use of a Mobile Learning Unit to address issues of digital equity. Anchored on a powerful district vision and community partnerships, this innovative initiative targets high poverty neighborhoods. The goal: to use a whole-community approach to bring high-technology learning and digital citizenship skills to students and their families. Join us to discuss innovative solutions to complex community challenges in today’s digital age.

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  1. Examination of the challenges for high need communities in addressing issues related to digital citizenship of students and their families.
  2. Exploration of the role of creative solutions in addressing complex challenges to bring resources to high need diverse stakeholders.
  3. Interactive dialogue between panelists and attendees to explore challenges and solutions of this community, as well as those of session participants.


  • Jessica Millstone, Director of Engagement at BrainPOP, BrainPoP
  • Kari Stubbs, Vice President, Learning & Innovation, BrainPOP
  • Keegan Korf, Lead Teacher of Digital Citizenship at Omaha Public Schools, Omaha Public Schools
  • Rebecca Chambers, Instructional Technology Coach , Omaha Public Schools


Rebecca Chambers, Instructional Technology Coach , Omaha Public Schools

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