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Design Thinking: New Ways to Teach Old Texts

Participants will engage in a series of design thinking activities aimed at discovering new ways of presenting, teaching and studying literary and historical texts. Led by an expert in innovation and entrepreneurialism, this session will teach you methods to explore a problem, then ideate and refine your way to a solution. These methods can be applied in class to engage students in project-based learning by rooting an investigation in the needs of a student studying a text.

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  1. We will learn how to root an investigation in the perspective and needs of a target person (e.g. a student studying a text).
  2. Participants will practice structured group brainstorming techniques and discover methods for quickly refining and selecting approaches.
  3. Participants will walk away with new approaches for teaching primary texts, and the skills to run a design thinking activity-based learning exercise.


  • Alex Humphreys, Director, JSTOR Labs, ITHAKA


Alex Humphreys, Dir of JSTOR Labs, ITHAKA

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