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Managing Distraction: Learning in Reactive States

In the current media landscape - human attention is the most scare resource. From games, to videos, to clickbait, new media exploits basic human emotional & biological response to grab attention & manipulate behavior. New media is also core to many courses of study, yet little time is dedicated to helping learners identify & understand “attention grabbing” mechanisms. Without skills to manage response and self regulate learners remain captive to triggers, in a constant state of reaction.

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  1. Identify attention grabbing mechanisms of new media and understand biological and emotional underpinnings of how they seize and harness our attention.
  2. Explore how to structure developmentally appropriate learning experiences and conversations about media and attention with learners of various ages.
  3. Share approaches to helping learners create media - exercises that simultaneously demystify media and build persuasion, production and social skills.


  • andrew gardner, VP Professional Learning, BrainPOP


Andrew Gardner, VP Professional Learning, BrainPOP

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