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You Don't Need a Whistle to be a Coach

In this session, we'll focus on coaching within your role. We'll talk strategy, coaching frameworks, and essentials to being a coach who can inspire the team. We'll explore practical ways to be a tech integration and pedagogical leader in your building through collaboration with your colleagues and innovative lesson design. Some of the strands we’ll explore are:
Tech integration
Engagement vs entertainment
Pedagogical methods
Innovative lesson design
Design thinking

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  1. Teachers will stretch their thinking and explore their roles as coaches and leaders in their buildings.
  2. Teachers will engage in exploration, PLAY, and conversations that encourage growth as technology and pedagogical leaders in their buildings.
  3. Teachers will reflect on how to stretch their role as coaches to impact and empower their colleagues and ensure student success.



Tavia Clark, Digital Innovation Coach, The Friday Institute at NC State University

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