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Pre-Woke Watching: Your Faves Are Problematic

On her hit Slate podcast Represent, Aisha Harris has a recurring segment, Pre-Woke Watching, where guests talk about films they grew up with and loved, but can no longer view through an uncritical eye. (Like coming to terms with how totally sexist Pretty Woman is, or discovering the prevalence of colorism in Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America.) The panelists will have a hearty discussion around evolving tastes, opening up the floor to audience members to give their own PWW examples.

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  1. How can we come to terms with the questionable content of our favorite movies?
  2. Is it okay to forgive the flaws of the films we used to love before we got woke?
  3. How is media changing to appeal to more diverse, socially conscious audiences?



Stephanie Gomory, Publicist, Slate

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